Scribe XP

XP makes your NFT the most powerful engagement tool in Web3.

Give your NFT Project superpowers with Scribe.

Everything is now a Game

XP creates a game everywhere holders can do something which can be monitored. Twitter Spaces, Discord, Metaverse properties, Social Media, Video Games, anywhere an NFT holder spends time doing things. Awarding XP for doing things an NFT holder may other wise do increases the desire to repeat those activities.

Compete and Win

Scribe XP, and the levels earned with it, create an atmosphere of competition among holders where there wasn't one before. This competition creates a level of engagement unseen in the NFT world before. NFT Holders earning XP eagerly search for ways to earn more XP and level up both themselves and their NFTs.

Off-The-Charts Engagement

The drive to seek out XP-generating activities is building a super-community of NFT-based gamers. These Scribers are not only representing their favorite NFT projects everywhere they go, their constant presence is generating massive organic interest in both thier projects and Scribe.

Energize your community with Scribe XP

Scribe XP gives your NFT community the opportunity to engage with not only each other, but other NFT communities in the spirit of gaming. This massive expansion of your project's reach is proven to organically create interest in your project and add mints / floor sweeps.


How Can I earn XP as a Holder?

Sign up with Scribe and manage your favorite NFT

click the "NFT Scribe App" link on the top of this page. Log in with Twitter, then connect your wallet that contains your NFT. Unlock your NFTs on your NFT page and you are off to the races!
Scribe doesn't do anything but get your wallet ID. Everything else comes from public information via the Opensea API. We never interact with any contracts or NFTS in your wallet.

Find XP-generating activities and events

As Scribe grows, we will be adding ways you can earn XP. Below you will see current apps, games, and ways you can level up!
Currently Scribe, Project Owners, and Scribe VIPs can create and manage XP generating events.

XP Generating Apps, Games, and Events


You can earn XP on Twitter the following ways with unlocked NFTS:

  • hosting, co-hosting, or speaking in a twitter space
  • retweeting tweets with #rt4xp in the tweet from Partner Projects and VIPs
  • retweeting posts from within a twitter space, even if you are in the audience

Referrals / New Users

When a new user signs up after clicking your referral link, found on your Scribe Dashboard, and they level an NFT up to level 2 you get 1000 XP. After this 1000 XP, you get a percentage of their earned XP as long as they continue to use Scribe.
You can share this link anywhere link sharing is possible and allowed.

Official Partner and VIP List

This is the live Twitter list of VIP and Partner accounts that give XP.
Visit the Partner page to get your project onboarded to boost your signal and get that XP!

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