The Ultimate Metaverse Artifact

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Comes with 200k Scribe Credits. Increases XP. Gives bonuses in games & social apps. Upgradable

The Ultimate Metaverse Gaming utility NFT!

Each Superpass is a special high-utility Metaverse Artifact which provides special powers in any game which supports it. The powers are scaled from 1 to 5, from smallest to largest. It holds up to 5M Scribe Credits which you can earn, or purchase using $PLAY. Unused credits stay in the pass and transfer with it to new owners. Some passes are specially named Artifacts which have max stats! Superpasses do level up and are upgradable. You earn one free upgrade every 10 levels starting at lvl 50.

A Superpass has points which represent the sum of all its attributes. The higher the points are, naturally the more it costs to increase any stat. This means NFTs with higher point totals and higher individual stats are worth a lot more as well. The idea is to make it extraordinarily valuable right out of the mint for the higher numbers, but also achievable with hard work over time.

You can use Random Upgrades that you earn (or receive) to upgrade a random stat. Free upgrades on Superpasses start at NFT Level 50 and you get 1 free upgrade every 10 levels after that.

A normal stat upgrade costs 50K Credits per additional point you're adding to the overall points of the NFT. For example, all passes start with at least a value of 6 points, as the minimum stat value is 1. A pass with all 2's starts out as a 12-point item.

When you're trying to increase a specific Stat vs a random, there is an additional stat increase cost as follows:
From 0 to 1 = 100K
From 1 to 2= 200K
From 2 to 3 = 750K
From 3 to 4 = 1.8M
From 4 to 5 = 3.5M
From 5 to 6 = 6M

All stats are upgradable as long as they are not at max. You can also add diamonds. Diamonds give additional XP in social situations to those around you. They also will play a role in guild hierarchies.

All Superpasses have 200K credits on them as minted. You can get more credits by grabbing Superpasses or a Scribe Pass on the shop. Scribe Passes have at least 100K credits, and some have up to 1M credits. They cost a little under $20. We are working on ways for you to discover credits or be granted some during your Metaverse journey.

We originally were thinking about giving the higher numbers a chance of failure, but considering the credits you're spending to do the upgrades, that's not really appropriate here. Named Artifacts (which are minted as maxed-out Artifacts, not meaning nicknames) cannot be upgraded.

All Scribe Superpasses EXCEPT named artifacts do indeed have the ability to go a little higher than a 5 under certain conditions...

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