Scribe Rewards Program

Enabling Active Scribe Users and Projects to earn!


Scribe and RLY Make Rewards Possible

NFT Scribe has been approved as a partner application on the Rally Network. Using the RLY Protocol, Scribe has designed a comprehensive Rewards program based on Metaverse activity, and includes a 0.5ETH weekly drawing from all eligible Scribe users.

What is sRLY?

sRLY is a Solana ( token based on the RLY Protocol, which is run by the Rally Network Association (, and backed by high-end Web3 organizations and investors. Other applications using sRLY include SuperLayer, Taki, OnJoyride, OutsideOnline.
Each week, Scribe receives an allotment of sRLY to distribute to its community based on milestones and growth objectives.

Getting Started with Scribe

Sign into Scribe using Twitter at and follow the onscreen instructions.
Activate some NFTs to earn XP while doing Metaverse activities like playing games, being on Twitter Spaces, etc.

Getting Started with Rewards

Rewards are distributed via Solana blockchain. Scribe users connect their Solana wallet to Scribe (ie Phantom on the Dashboard.

Base Eligibility for Rewards and Prize Drawings

To maintain base eligibility for any Scribe Rewards or Prize Drawings, a user must:

  1. Have earned 1,000XP from any source in the week prior to any Rewards or Prize Drawing
  2. Hold a minimum of 10 $PLAY in their wallet
  • The first 1,000 users with a connected Solana wallet will receive a 10 $PLAY airdrop
  • Eligibility weeks begin each Saturday at 8PM EST (Midnight GMT)

Rewards Pools

Scribe has established 3 rewards pools:

  1. Holder Rewards: Holding 500 or more $PLAY in your wallet earns you a percentage of this pool based on total $PLAY holdings of all Scribe users. Holding $PLAY also is going to bring you additional % XP bonus which stacks with your existing Superpass and other bonuses.
  2. XP Rewards: This pool is split among the Scribe users based on their percentage of total XP inscribed that week compared to the total inscribed XP for the week.
  3. Partner Rewards: Five spotlight partner projects will be selected each week and assigned an equal share of the Partner Rewards pool. XP inscribed on NFTs in these projects earns a percentage of the project’s share of the pool.

Rewards Distribution and more!

Rewards and prizes will be awarded weekly on Saturday nights at about 8PM EST, with distributions being made soon after that.

What's now?

Be sure you are signed up, earning XP and holding sRLY to maximize your potential rewards!

Join the discord, follow our twitter, and spread the word!


For more information, visit or join our Discord at

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