PLAY Token

The Metaverse Token for Games and Collectibles

$PLAY is on Solana!

$PLAY was launched in July 2022 on the RLY Protocol. It's the primary token used in Scribe and will help fuel our ecosystem. Its uses include:

$PLAY is the newest version of the PLAY Coin, which was begun as a Social Token on the ecosystem in April 2021. It grew to be the #1 Token on the platform.

  • It was used as an economy token for the Facebook Game Developers
    which we founded in 2010.
  • It was used to build the Play Arcade in Summer 2021 and launch many
    tools for Creators.
  • It was used to fund a Game Jam in Summer 2021 where teams competed to build casual games that would integrate social tokens. The winners launched on Play Arcade.

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