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NFT Scribe helps your keep your community engaged and active!

Everything is a Game

Everyone remembers what it was like to play games as kids, competing with nothing more than their imagination. NFT Scribe gives you the ability to create a game out of every activity you do, from twitter to video games to metaverse!

Rewards Your Biggest Fans

Partnership gives you the opportunity to know who your brand champions are, and lets you rewards those who are representing you the most!

Always Busy

Partnership will give you a dashboard to help understand what your community is doing with their PFP so you can provide what your community wants.

Boost the signal with #rt4xp

Once you are confirmed as a partner project, you can start using the #rt4xp hashtag in your posts from the project twitter account. Anyone using NFT Scribe can gain XP by retweeting original posts with #rt4xp. This will seriously boost your signal, increasing engagement, and showcasing your project to new people!


How to become an NFT Partner

Step 1: Complete the form below and join our discord.

Fill out the short form below to get your information to NFT Scribe so we can activate the appropriate twitter accounts. Join our discord to get all the latest info and far easier access to the NFT Scribe team!

Step 2: Promote NFT Scribe to your community

Post about NFT Scribe in your discord, twitter, or whatever other media platform your community lives on so they can start becoming more engaged. There is a sample discord post below.

Step 3: Promote NFT Scribe on social media

Post about NFT Scribe on your social media channels, there is a sample twitter post below which you can modify to match your community.

Partner Information Request

Complete this for to get more info from NFT Scribe!
You can also join our discord with the link at the bottom of this page for direct access to the team!


Join the NFT Scribe Discord below

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Sample Posts

Tailor these to your community's flavor. The hashtags have been shows to help a LOT.

Superpass Twitter Post

Who wants some EPIC #Alpha ?
EVERYONE who signs up on before the pre-sale ends is whitelisted to get the pre-sale price of our Superpass NFT! head over, do your research and sign up today to level up your #NFT!
#NFTs #NFTGiveaway #nftcommunity #Metaverse

NFT Scribe Twitter Post

Looking to add #utility to your #NFTProject ? Want to make your #NFTCommunity a fun game? Visit to talk about how to level up your #NFTs with NFT Scribe!

#Metaverse #whitelists

Discord Post

@everyone We have a very creative way to offer more giveaways to you!

Get a head start in any NFT Game! Level Up your NFT for use in all NFT Scribe-enabled games!

Sign up here. It only takes a few seconds.

We have partnered with NFT Scribe. A great system in which we are integrating into our community engagement methods!

The Story of Your EPIC NFT
Shall be written in the great Book of NFTs.

Level Up Your NFTs
Level up, achievements, autographs, stats, events; anything which should become part of your NFT's story.

Your Faithful Scribe Service
We collect, curate, and store moments sent in from apps and games, making them a permanent part of your NFT's story on the blockchain.

Validated Inscription
Registered Apps or People can inscribe to your NFT only when you have approved it.

Increase Your NFT's Value
Adds to the utility and value of your individual NFTs in the market by preserving the epic experiences you had with it and giving it portability between apps and games.

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