Loot Shop

The NFT Items that get stronger the more you use them!


Get all your NFT Questing gear at Loot Shop!

The Loot Shop series of NFTs is a collection of 30,000 dynamic collectible weapons, armor, and items which don’t just set idle gathering dust. When used and cared for, they gain experience, level up, and unlock other abilities and attributes. Loot Shop items can be used in Scribe-enabled games, and retains their history of Metaverse activity as it moves across games and owners. They can be transferred, bought, and sold, and will retain all of their abilities and experience. This is made possible through the incredible NFTScribe platform by Intergalactic Play.

They can be carefully trained to become very good at attacking or defending against specific types of enemies, imbued with magical abilities, elemental powers, and they even retain memories of their battles across the Metaverse. Remembering total battles fought, damage dealt, enemies vanquished. Some can become cursed, and some are even intelligent.. imbued with the personality of previous owner

Braver collectors can tinker with their Loot Shop items to try and make them more powerful or make adjustments. Tinkering with items gives more experience in Tinkering, which will increase their chances of success over time. Owners of powerful artifacts like Superpass Genesis can be hired to add special enhancements to Loot Shop items or add special temporary blessings and curses.



Death Seeker

Makes the weapon better at hitting its target

Blood Thirsty

Causes the weapon to do more damage when it hits


Increases the speed of the weapon


Dealing damage with this weapon steals health and adds it to the user


Causes damage over time to the target when wounded


Causes extra damage to one particular type of target

Elemental Effects


Imbues the weapon with blazing fire and heat, causing scorching wounds, blackened bones, and immense suffering. Also useful to roast small meats.


Bubbling acid melts away at the flesh of the target, causing deeper damage and pain beyond imagining. No one can forget the hideous scars left by such items.


Bone-chilling cold cuts deeply at the target, causing additional damage with every strike and blow. Blood turns to ice, flesh is shattered, frostbite blackens the skin. Slows targets.


Pure energy blazes unmercifully into the target, shocking flesh and bone alike and causing more damage. The smell of ozone permeates the very air around these items. Can hurt enemies around the target at high levels.


The power of all that is Good and Light flows into the target, purging evil and darkness, banishing it and rendering it weak. Be warned, those who defy the Holy Order!


The decaying hopeless stench of rotting death assails the very essence of life in the target. What once was living shall be put to death, and even the undying shall further perish. Targets killed with Death can come back to life as allies of the attacker.


The silent horror of the shadow realm invades the target, loosening their very presence on the plane of existence. For some, a nightmare. For others, a chosen path. Targets may come back to life as enemies of all but will be barely visible.


The forces of Chaos brutally assault the target’s mind, loosening their grip on reality. God only knows what will happen, and you might not like it. Can cause the target to attack or move randomly.


The Future of Loot Shop Gear

To demonstrate the use of NFTs which are portable across players and games, here are some games in production which will use the Lootshop collection.

A Twitter Spaces Battle Royale Game, where your Spaces lobby is used for a quick and dirty winner-takes-all Battle Royale game. Coming Summer 2021.

A Discord 1v1 Challenge Battle game. Coming Fall 2022.

A Rogue-like action RPG dungeon crawler. Coming Fall 2022.

More Scribe-enabled games to be announced as they go live!

Affinity Bonuses

NFT Affinities make them more powerful when used by the right holder!


Each item can have an Affinity trait. When present, this trait tells you which collection or group will get bonuses when using this weapon.


Bonuses are typically for things like weapon power and speed, but can be anything a developer needs.

Affinity Strength

Each Affinity comes with a Strength attribute which shows you how powerful that Affinity is! Ranges from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)


Affinity can be modified or removed by someone with the ability to do so, like a Superpass owner.


Affinity Projects

These NFT Project Communities (many who are Scribe Partners!) are each represented in the Loot Shop Weapons I collection. More may be added before the mint is complete!

Project Name
Goat Gauds
Munchie Mafia
Epic Elephants
Gorilla Mansion (Includes v1, v2, and partners)
House of Clowns
Crypto Cave Club
Lazy Lions
Mutant Ape Yacht Club
Zombie Apes
Bored Ape Yacht Club
Rich Fox Club
Supreme Kongs
Scotch Noblemen
Funkie Flies (including Mutants)
Degen Moon Frens
Sweti Yeti
Meta Athletes
Crypto Cloud Punks
Exploding Heads
Grandpa Ape Country Club
Non Frenly Trolls
Leprechaun Town WTF
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