Conquest: Fields of Honor

Fight for your community on the battlefield!
Play solo or as a team using your NFTs and weapons of great power and mystery to win!


Your NFT is Your Avatar!

Use your favorite NFT as your in-game avatar! Play alone against AI-generated baddies, with friends as a team, or together with your community against other communities!
Collect credits as you defeat your enemies in scheduled matches or one of the perpetually running games!

Conquest is for Gamers

Battle for Victory! Use your NFT to combat AI baddies, winner-take-all solo play, or with a team or community against each other! Customizable Battlefield NFTs make gameplay even more fun and rewarding for both players AND holders!


Simple Play - Loads of Fun!

Conquest is a SIMPLE game launched with a single URL. It's perfect for Twitter Spaces, Discords, clan battles, etc. It's already fun and has a long roadmap ahead. We love D&D and MMOs (I worked at Turbine on D&D Online, LOTRO) and this is FUN.


Customize your Battlefield Land !

As Conquest continues to evolve, Battlefield NFT holder will be able to customize their battlefield, setting bonus areas, adding geographical features, and even special loot drops! Battlefield NFT holders will earn credits as their battlefield is used in game! The more your Battlefield is used, the faster it levels up and unlocks even more customizations!

Phase 1 of the Conquest: Battlefield sale started on 10/10/2022.
0.25ETH during this phase, which should last 4 weeks.
0.5ETH will be the price for the next 4 weeks after that.
These NFTs will be rotated through random maps, and each one can be its own persistent game instance.


Scheduled and Persistent Games!

You can play with your community in a scheduled match, or jump into a persistent instance on your own to take out those AI baddies, wave after wave! As you grow and level up, you will be able to take on an ever-more-difficult horde of enemies!

Play Now

Tournaments are coming!

As one of the first NFT-based, Web-3 connected games, we are building and adding new features almost daily, including PVP Tournaments! You will be able to join free and paid tournaments for individuals and teams! Start leveling up now!


Use Weapons and Armor!

No adventurer worth their salt would be caught dead without their gear! Now you can outfit your NFT with the greatest weapons, armor, and items in the realm! Lootshop weapons, armor and other items can give your NFT a serious boost on the field of combat! Get some today and level them up to win!

Get Weapons Now

Get Superpowers with the Scribe Superpass!

The Scribe Superpass give your NFT a SERIOUS boost! Get a bump in power, speed, xp, health, and many other buffs based on your Superpass Attributes!

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HUGE Multiplayer Games!

Conquest has been tested with over 150 players, so you don't have to worry about tiny teams or squads. Bring EVERYONE, the whole community to battle it out and declare victory!

Current and Future Features

Stats as of 2022-10-10

28,434Top Score - Underrtakerr
> 8,500AI Baddies killed
4,622,761XP Earned

Game Play Demo Video Showcasing Chaos Magic

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