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What are different uses for Scribe?

Gain XP

The most basic function is adding XP to your NFT, and levelling it up! These levels can be used by Project founders for perks, discord roles, and many many other things!

Cross-Game Functionality

The XP and Levels earned on Scribe can be used in all NFT Scribe-capable games.

Extend Project Roadmaps

With Scribe, project founders can do level-base perks for their NFT project, enabling founder to extend their roadmap and provide extras for true fans.

Autograph NFTs

You will be able to get your favorite NFTs signed by the artist, athlete, superstar, or anyone else you want to have sign your NFTs! Scribe will add keep this signature verified and validated with the NFT as long as it exists.

Earn Rewards

Every Scribe account with a Solana wallet connected which has XP earned can earn rewards. The amount of your rewards depends on how much XP you earn as a percentage of all the XP earned that week.

What else is there?

So far we have only just scratched the surface of what Scribe will enable holders and project founders to do. Check back regularly for more ideas! If you have uses for Scribe, head over to our discord and let us know! The Discord link is at the bottom of this page!

What is a Superpass?

Mint or buy a Scribe Superpass for even more cross-game bonuses, XP, and more!

How do I get a Superpass?

The Scribe Superpass mint is live, with the link button at the top of this page. There are 6000 total available in the genesis mint.

Random Stat Bonus

Each Superpass has a randomly generated number for each of the six stats shown, including XP. Game developers accepting Superpass can use these stats any way they want, adding to your in-game stat, multiplying it or something completely different!

Premium Access

The Scribe Superpass will give you premium access to any perks all Superpass supporting projects decide to hold separate for Superpass holders!


Find out about Superpass upgrades, errata, and lore here...

How is Scribe Funded?

We are minting several different NFTs, from weapons to superpasses to metaverse lands, all of which are Scribe-enabled.

We also work with various companies, organizations and foundations for grants based on product we build and enable for them and the general public.

We are actively seeking further grant opportunities. Please contact us if you want to see how Scribe can help you!


We founded the FB Game Developers Group, which is close to 50,000 members strong, giving us access to a huge group of skilled and vetted devs to build what is needed to achieve our mission. This mission is to bring about radical collaboration capability within the Web3/NFT gaming and NFT communities. To accomplish this mission, we are creating tech which benefits NFT project owners, game developers, and NFT holders in many mutually beneficial ways.

Here are a few ways Scribe is helping the game dev and NFT project communities.

Scribe is building a never before-seen engagement rewards program. It allows project owners to provide goals and activities for their communities while they work on longer term roadmap initiatives. Rewarded activities include games and social media engagement beneficial to the project. Our Superpass creates a unique way to engage varied game audiences in a positive, community-oriented fashion by providing bonuses to our XP-based advancement system on any platform that chooses to support it. This system gives NFT Holders the ability to increase both utility and value of their collection through supporting the NFT project and engaging in Scribe-enabled activities and games.

This is only the beginning.

Here's a peek at some of the building ahead. Want to help? Join the Discord and raise your hand!

Game Integrations

There are hundreds of games out there to be integrated and enhanced with Scribe. We'll be tapping our long history in the game dev industry HARD to onboard new games.

Social Integrations

Discord, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, are all in line to be integrated with Scribe. Any platform which uses a personal profile picture and media posting is a candidate.

Other Stats

XP and levelling up are the smallest tip of the iceberg. There is an extensive event, achievement, title, and special metadata system waiting to be built out and integrated into apps and games.

Other Chains

Solana, Polygon, AVAX, BSC, and other chains as they emerge and need to bask in the light of Scribe.

Scribe Partner Projects

Here are projects which have partners with Scribe, enabled their arcade and are building engagement and rewards with their holders!

Ailiens NFT

Apes Together Strong

Astro NXR Customs

Autistic Adventures

Backpack Buddies

The Blockchain Invaders NFT

Broken Bones NFT


Cris Cray Music Co. NFT

Crypto Cloud Punks

Crypto Cartridge Games

Crypto Cave Club

Denza SRS Customs


Dope Dobes Mafia

Epic Elephants Squad

Exploding Heads Club

Funky Flies Official

Goad Gauds

Gorilla Mansion G2

Hero Pilot Club

House of Clownz


Isles of Meta

Kush Katz OG

LootShop (Weapons 1)

Meta Athletes

Munchie Mafia Night Club

Munchie Mafia Tony

Mutant Funky Flies Official

Neo Films NFT

NFT Scribe Superpass Genesis

Non-Fungible Art, Inc

Rich Fox Club NFT

SBE Customs

Snuggle Buddies


Supreme Kong

Sweti Yeti Launch Club

Tatted Apes Club

Here is what our Partners are saying:

NFTscribe totally changed the way I think about The future of NFTs & Web 3. Me being a Pokémon enthusiast, I’ve always wanted to implement a nostalgic feeling to my project/collection. NFTscribe gave me the ability to do just that. Not only did it open my eyes to a Segway of evolution for my collection, but it urged me & my community members to get more active on social media in order add more value to their NFTs. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for scribe & my universe of holders & collaborators.

John Born - Founder, Goat Gauds

We here at the Crypto Cave Club have always strived for organic growth since day one. Integration with NFT Scribe has allowed us to open many new doors in continuing this effort.
Ever since partnering with NFT Scribe, we have seen an incredible amount of organic growth, sales, mints, and everything in between.
NFT Scribe has built a system where the value of the integration is not determined by only the devs behind the Scribe team, but by how creative the project founders are with their integration.

DaveDFS - Founder, Crypto Cave Club

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